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AIDEVI IN European Assortment Review In The Context of EU Market
  • 2023-10-17
  • admin

Aidevi, which means 'help you' in French "aide-toi", through this brand, we aim to convey information and solutions for a healthy lifestyle to consumers. We focus on providing consumers with high-quality dietary supplements to supplement the vitamins and minerals needed in daily life, making health easily accessible. AIDEVI is making full efforts to enter the EU market to bring a perfect quality of life to European customers.



I was in communication with one EU NMN internet re-seller, which is refered to as German brand, since few years ago:

I have their prices and general interest to expose their NMN into the region of ours, but I like more ambitious plan to expose AIDEVI NMN and other products, which may find its clientele within the whole EU market versus the region of ours.


Speaking of certificates, here is the link showing what Certificates may be needed, in order to cover properly rising legal issues in EU markets since the product is directly reaching the end consumer:


What is also considered as beneficial certificate is a coverage for GMP ir ISO9001 standards:

Btw, this product as per the above link is being sold in the LTU internet store of food supplements.


One of the most successful LTU internet stores of food supplements accounts for the well known brand of USA, i.e. SWANSON:

As per the link there is no NMN, but its mother website does contain this product:

What is also true, the EU website of SWANSON does not sell NMN either.


Nevertheless, the EU sale of NMN since several years ago has evolved and there are numerous sellers, which position themselves on the market in variable marketing fishings:

For example, 1st MADE IN GERMANY branding

Referred to as Swiss tested

The EU made assortment

Or US made complex AEON anit-aging supplement with UK storage, which does not function properly for EU market

Another Finland and Lithuania based company offers NMN in powder packaging

USA Nevada based supplier as a direct seller also breaks through into end consumers, who eventually have to settle customs clearance and VAT payments upon receipt from out of the EU countries

Likewise herewith, if direct internet sale comes from China


The difference between organized EU wholesale like in the case of SWANSON versus others, is the basis in EU providing necessary customs and veterinary clearance, language support in the retail package in the form of stickers and inserts, EU door-to-door transportation, disputes settlement, damaged product quality control, marketing, etc.


As we know perfectly well how SWANSON LTU distribution got started years ago (our shareholder is a friend of SWANSON Baltics distribution company), we may use this experience as well as our 30 years experience in trading and manufacturing. The idea shall be a joint-venture project for EU market overall in your full AIDEVI assortment, yet core business stress on NMN and Resveratrol range.


This scale is just great to expose it all to the whole EU market as you successfully accomplish already in USA and Asian markets:









Having reviewed the wholesale price to benefit the joint-venture AIDEVI EUROPE, we may build up a successful project. As you may see all the NMN links reveal the projects of various NMN brands are viable only few years, but some like SWANSON, which has 50 years experience in food supplements will only start the EU intervention, but already do it in  the USA or sell from USA to the internet buyers. AIDEVI having put its foot into the EU grounds within Lithuanian platform, may accomplish something significant in-line of what SWANSON managed achieving in Europe already.


At Aidevi, we always adhere to one philosophy: to let every consumer possess health and vitality. 

We hope that every consumer who uses Aidevi products can feel our dedication and professionalism, and thus enjoy the wonderful taste of a healthy life!



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