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AIDEVI’s Triumph: Honoring Moms and Health Excellence
  • 2023-10-19
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As we approach Mother's Day, it's a time to celebrate the love and care of exceptional women in our lives. In the spirit of recognition, AIDEVI was awarded "Favorite Mom's NMN Product" at the "2023 Favorite Parent-Child Lifestyle Brand Awards" on August 31, 2023. This accolade underscores AIDEVI's commitment to health-focused ingredients and product excellence. In the future, AIDEVI will continue to prioritize quality, ensuring a healthier and happier life for mothers and their families.

Parents always strive to provide the best for their children, and this extends beyond just the basics of daily life.


On August 31, 2023, AIDEVI was honored with the title of "Favorite Mom's NMN Product" in the "2023 Favorite Parent-Child Lifestyle Brand Awards," with the participation of numerous parents and social media editors.



Throughout their 15 years of business growth, AIDEVI has consistently upheld their commitment to using natural and health-conscious ingredients. While continually enhancing product quality, they have remained devoted to offering consumers professional, personalized, and multifaceted dietary and nutritional solutions. AIDEVI has been at the forefront of redefining physical well-being and achieving a state of youthful vitality, unlocking boundless potential in life.


The praise and high acclaim from parents and social media editors are clear indicators of AIDEVI's product excellence and professionalism. In the days to come, AIDEVI will persist in their efforts to develop even higher-quality dietary and nutritional health products. Alongside their customers, they are paving the way for a life characterized by quality and well-being.



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