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How AI may be a powerful tool in treating male infertility
  • 2023-10-17
  • admin

Can you believe it: Al may help treating male infertility? Infertility has emerged as a global concern in our era. According to official statistics, Infertility impacts a staggering 48.5 million couples globally, which amounts to about 15% of all married couples. It's noteworthy that 20-30% of infertility cases are solely attributed to males, who also represent half of all instances.


According to a report by BBC News, approximately 7% of males face fertility challenges. Dr. Vasilescu's team at the University of Technology Sydney has developed AI software that can detect sperm in samples from severely infertile men a staggering 1,000 times faster than a trained expert.


Dr. Vasilescu, a biomedical engineering specialist at the university, along with his colleagues, designed the SpermSearch device to aid men with a condition known as non-obstructive azoospermia. This condition means these men have functional testicles and spermatogenesis but no sperm in their semen.


Traditionally, to collect a tissue sample from these patients, medical professionals perform testicular biopsies. Subsequently, embryologists painstakingly examine the tissue under a microscope in search of any sperm that might be present. Dr. Vasilescu pointed out that this manual screening method, often taking 6-7 hours, is both inefficient and prone to errors due to fatigue.


In contrast, their AI system can swiftly identify all healthy sperm immediately after a sample photo is uploaded to a computer. To train the AI model, the research team used tens of thousands of images of tissue sections, resulting in a search speed that's 1,000 times faster than that of a professional.


It's important to note that the SpermSearch system doesn't replace manual procedures; it serves as a valuable tool. It greatly reduces the workload of embryologists by rapidly identifying and marking sperm on the screen. Quick access to sperm is critical for in vitro fertilization due to time constraints, and this technology has the potential to significantly increase success rates.



In recent years, factors like environmental pollution, smoking, unhealthy diets, and high stress levels have collectively led to a decline in the quality of men's sperm. This has made the issue of infertility even more pressing. That's where NMN supplements come into play.


NMN helps the body produce more nad+, a crucial molecule. As soon as NMN is ingested, nad+ gets to work, gradually affecting various bodily functions. One key area is the neurological system, where it activates processes that lead to increased dopamine production in the brain. This boost in mood and overall well-being can be particularly helpful in alleviating depression and low spirits.


If you find yourself frequently grappling with anxiety or high stress levels, NMN is recommended. It's a potent stress-reliever that can enhance male sexual performance, stimulate desire, and encourage the secretion of androgens. Studies have demonstrated that a moderate intake of NMN can significantly improve the quality of sperm cells and aid in restoring fertility. This improvement can increase the chances of successful pregnancy from 25% to 75%.


Although this AI technology is still in the developmental stage, it will take some time before it becomes commonplace in clinical uses. However, for infertile couples seeking to start a family, this AI technology offers a ray of hope. It notably enhances the efficiency of retrieving viable sperm from tiny samples, safeguarding valuable opportunities for conception.



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