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Japanese Breakthrough: NMN's Potential in Preventing Heart Failure
  • 2023-11-28
  • admin

In a recent study published in 2023 by researchers from Kyushu University and Kyoto University, a promising discovery was made regarding a substance called Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) and its potential to prevent heart failure. Heart failure, a major problem in heart diseases, was explored as a common outcome of different heart issues like heart muscle disease, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and more.


To put it simply, these heart problems make the heart work extra hard, and over time, it can lead to heart failure.


Previous research had already shown that NMN is good for the heart, protecting it from damage and improving its function. This new study wanted to understand more about how NMN works to protect the heart in the long run.


The researchers gave NMN to mice by adding it to their water. They tested it on mice with a specific heart issue (p32 knockout mice) and normal mice. The goal was to see how NMN affected their heart function.


The results were positive. NMN improved the heart function of mice with the specific heart issue and even reversed some heart problems. The researchers also found that NMN helped to balance a substance called NAD+ in the heart, which is important for heart health.


Interestingly, the researchers think that NMN helps the heart indirectly. Instead of directly affecting the heart, NMN improves the function of tiny structures called lysosomes, which then helps keep the balance in the heart and prevents heart failure.


Lysosomes are like little recycling centers in cells. They help produce energy and also play a role in keeping another important part of cells, called mitochondria, in good shape. When either lysosomes or mitochondria don't work well, it can affect the other.


In simpler terms, the study suggests that NMN keeps the heart healthy by making sure these tiny recycling centers (lysosomes) do their job, indirectly helping the heart stay in good shape and avoiding heart failure.


NMN improved the heart function of mice with the specific heart issue and even reversed some heart problems.

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This research not only highlights the potential of NMN in preventing heart issues but also shows how different parts of our cells work together to keep our hearts healthy. Understanding these connections could lead to new ways to take care of our hearts in the future.



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