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The Science Behind Supplements: Supplements benefits
  • 2023-10-13
  • admin

Everyone wants a healthy and strong body. So how to have a healthy body? Scholars have suggested that a healthy body requires four important conditions: proper exercise, adequate sleep, a happy state of mind, and balanced nutrition. 

The first three conditions are relatively easy to achieve, but balanced nutrition is the most difficult to realize. I believe supplements were created to solve this problem.

First, let's explore why it is difficult to achieve nutritional balance through diet alone:


1 Environmental Pollution

Take a very typical example: water pollution. Today's tap water contains a lot of chemicals such as nitrates, aluminum and lead. Drinking it for a long period of time will affect your body. The quality of natural food has also declined due to water and land pollution. The quality of vegetables and fruits is closely related to the land and water where they are grown. Over-exploitation of land and insufficient nutrients and minerals in the soil result in vegetables and fruits with insufficient nutrient content.


2 Processed food

In the supermarket we can see a wide range of processed foods. Processed food can be preserved for a longer period of time, but it can also damage its original nutrition. For example, rice loses about 77% of its zinc and manganese after processing. 

Apart from that, processed foods usually contain a lot of  preservatives, colors, flavors and other chemicals. Taking too much food containing such chemicals can lead to problems such as obesity and diabetes.


3 Differences in diet and lifestyle

Everyone has different eating habits. Just like me, I am a person who doesn't love eggs and fruits. That's why I don't get much protein and vitamins every day. Another example is a smoker and a non-smoker, they also have different amounts of nutrients they need every day.

According to research, a normal person (non-smoker) needs 60mg of vitamin C a day (about two oranges). For a smoker they need much more, 500mg a day (about 6 oranges). Eat 6 oranges a day, can you do it every day?











Why choose supplements?


1 It can make up for the lack of diet

Modern people have to face a lot of tedious things every day, such as work and family. Most of the time, we simply don't have the time to remind ourselves what food we should eat to get the relative nutrients. Supplements are portable, high in nutrients and very convenient to take. For example, when you feel tired and lack energy, you can choose supplements that contain vitamin b or NMN.


2 Safe production and fast absorption

The production of supplements is relatively safe and reliable due to the strict monitoring of the market. At the same time, supplements are more easily absorbed by the body.



To sum up, are you starting to realize the importance of supplements. Of course it is better to consult a nutritionist before taking them.



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