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What is function and target person of the AIDEVI Deer Placenta ? Why women love to use the Deer placenta ? AIDEVI Deer Placenta Tell You
  • 2023-11-24
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What is the deer placenta ? and function?

Deer placenta refers to the placenta, or the afterbirth, of a deer. The placenta is an organ that develops during pregnancy in mammals, including deer, 

to provide oxygen and nutrients to the growing fetus and remove waste products. It is typically expelled from the mother's body after giving birth.

In some traditional medicine practices, particularly in certain East Asian cultures, deer placenta has been used as a medicinal ingredient. 

It is believed to have various health benefits, although scientific evidence supporting these claims is limited.

The purported functions of deer placenta in traditional medicine include:

Rejuvenation and vitality: Deer placenta is thought to promote general well-being, enhance vitality, and slow down the aging process.

Hormonal balance: It is believed to help regulate hormonal levels, particularly in women, and improve reproductive health.

Boosting the immune system: Deer placenta is sometimes claimed to enhance immune function and increase resistance to diseases.

Enhancing stamina and endurance: It is believed to improve physical performance, increase energy levels, and aid in post-exercise recovery.

It's important to note that while deer placenta has a long history of use in traditional medicine, its claimed benefits have not been extensively studied 

or validated through rigorous scientific research. It's always advisable to consult with healthcare professionals before using any alternative or herbal remedies.



What fact of deer placenta ?

Here are some facts about deer placenta:

Placenta Function: The placenta is an organ that develops in the uterus during pregnancy in mammals, including deer. Its main function is to provide oxygen and nutrients to the developing fetus and remove waste products.

Composition: Deer placenta, like other mammalian placentas, is composed of various tissues, blood vessels, and cells. It contains a combination of proteins, hormones, growth factors, and other bioactive compounds.

Traditional Use: Deer placenta has been used in traditional medicine practices, particularly in certain East Asian cultures, for its perceived health benefits. It is believed to promote vitality, hormonal balance, and immune function, among other claims.

Limited Scientific Evidence: The scientific evidence supporting the specific health benefits of deer placenta is limited. Most claims are based on traditional beliefs and anecdotal evidence rather than rigorous scientific studies.

Controversy and Regulation: The use of deer placenta as a dietary supplement or alternative therapy is a subject of controversy. It is not approved or regulated by mainstream medical authorities for the treatment of any specific diseases.

Ethical Considerations: The sourcing of deer placenta raises ethical concerns for some individuals. The collection of placenta may involve the killing of deer or other ethical issues related to animal welfare.

Placebo Effect: It's worth noting that the perceived benefits of deer placenta may be influenced by a placebo effect, where a person experiences positive effects due to their belief in the treatment rather than the treatment itself.

Given the limited scientific evidence and the lack of regulatory oversight, it is advisable to approach claims about deer placenta with caution and consult with healthcare professionals for reliable and evidence-based treatments.


What target group of AIDEVI deer placenta?

Traditionally, deer placenta products have been associated with promoting vitality, hormonal balance, and general well-being. As a result, the target audience may include individuals who are seeking alternative or natural remedies for various health concerns, individuals interested in anti-aging or rejuvenation products, or those looking for traditional remedies in certain cultural contexts.


What  deseases  deer placenta for?

Deer placenta is not recognized or approved by mainstream medical authorities as a treatment for any specific diseases. 

Its use in traditional medicine is primarily based on traditional beliefs and anecdotal evidence rather than scientific research.

In traditional medicine practices, deer placenta is often used as a general health tonic and is believed to have rejuvenating and revitalizing properties. However,

 it's important to note that the scientific evidence supporting these claims is limited or nonexistent.

It's always recommended to rely on evidence-based medicine and consult with healthcare professionals for the treatment of specific diseases or health conditions. 

They can provide guidance based on established medical knowledge and help you make informed decisions regarding your health.


What is AIDEVI deer placenta ?

一、product ingredients Deer Placenta, Grape Seed Extract, Ginseng Extract, Vitamin E

二、Feature Refinement ① Highly concentrated deer placenta, double the quality ② 4 major nutrients, internal adjustment and internal nourishment ③ Freeze-drying technology to retain full nutrition

三、Feature decomposition ① Highly concentrated deer placenta Each 1 capsule = 4000mg fresh deer placenta ② 4 major nutrients 4 ingredients

deer placenta effect Deer fetus contains 17 kinds of amino acids, 22 kinds of inorganic components, multivitamins and ketones, estrone sulfate, estradiol and 6 kinds of specific fat-soluble components, which can nourish and repair  damaged ovaries, regulate the secretion of estrogen and progesterone, and make women Endocrine is always maintained in a balanced state, delaying the aging cycle of the gonadal axis, beauty and beauty, etc. Grape Seed Extract Grape seeds have strong antioxidant and free radical scavenging ability, which can relieve some people with poor skin tone, chloasma, wrinkles and other skin relaxation problems. Ginseng Extract Ginseng, also known as "the old root", can enhance the blood circulation of the human body, has the effect of anti-oxidation, and at the same time can enhance the vitality of cells, achieve the effect of  nourishing the skin, and also achieve the effect of nourishing qi and blood; Vitamin E Tocopherol in vitamin E can promote the secretion of adrenal hormones in the anterior pituitary; enhance the effect of progesterone and increase the antioxidant capacity of ovaries, follicles and progesterone



How to buy AIDEVI deer placenta ?

here are some general suggestions on how to buy Aidevi deer placenta products:



Online Retailers: Check various online platforms, including e-commerce websites and health supplement stores. Look for reputable sellers that offer Aidevi deer placenta products and ensure they have positive customer reviews.

Local Health Stores: Visit health food stores, natural remedy shops, or specialty stores in your area that carry dietary supplements or traditional health products. Inquire if they have Aidevi deer placenta products available or if they can recommend any alternative brands.

Traditional Medicine Practitioners: Consult with traditional medicine practitioners, herbalists, or naturopaths who may be familiar with Aidevi deer placenta products and can guide you on where to find them.

Distributors or Manufacturers: Some brands may have their own official websites or authorized distributors ( Check if AIDEVI has an official website or contact information where you can inquire about purchasing their deer placenta product directly.

Local Specialty Markets: Explore local markets that focus on traditional or cultural products, as they may carry deer placenta or related traditional remedies.




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