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What is the relationship between NMN and Nad+? How does NMN improve cognitive function ?
  • 2023-12-04
  • admin

Ever wondered about the key players in the aging game? Enter NAD+, a vital coenzyme fueling over a thousand bodily functions. But as the years roll on, NAD+ dwindles, ushering in the classic signs of aging – weaker muscles, a fuzzier brain. Its impact doesn't stop there; it throws a wrench into our brain's machinery, opening the door to cognitive decline and conditions like dementia. Now, meet NMN, the 2017 and 2018 scientific superhero. Beyond reducing brain damage, NMN elevates NAD+ levels and activates SIRT1, a guardian enzyme for nerve and blood vessel cells. It's like a fountain of youth, potentially offering us a ticket to healthier, more energetic aging. In the chaos of modern life, NMN's promise isn't just longevity; it's about living better. The idea is simple: boost our cells, especially in the brain, with NMN, and we might just uncover the secret to smoother aging, keeping our bodies resilient and our minds sharp.


NAD+ is like a VIP player in our body, involved in tons of important activities – think over a thousand of them! It's a must-have for our body, but here's the catch: as we get older, it starts to fade away, dropping by half every 20 years or so. By the time we hit 40, it's down to a quarter of what we had as kids. And as NAD+ takes a dip, our body starts showing signs of aging – muscles getting weaker, brain not as sharp, more gray hairs – the classic stuff.


This decline in NAD+ also messes with the brain, leading to a decline in brainpower and playing a role in issues like dementia. Scientists found that as NAD+ levels drop, it messes up the teamwork between nerve cells and blood vessels in the brain, causing problems in blood flow and cranking up inflammation – both bad news for our brains.


Now, enter the superhero – NMN! In 2017 and 2018, scientists spilled the beans about NMN being like a superhero. It helps reduce brain damage, boosts blood flow in aging blood vessels, and gives us more endurance. They tested this by giving it to older mice for two weeks, and voila – the mice showed signs of turning back time! NMN not only increased NAD+ levels but also activated a superhero enzyme called SIRT1, which protects nerve and blood vessel cells. This protection involves making our cell powerhouses (mitochondria) feel young again, fighting inflammation, and making our blood vessels more flexible.


 NMN not only increased NAD+ levels but also activated a superhero enzyme called SIRT1, which protects nerve and blood vessel cells.

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So, what does this mean for us? Well, it's like a fountain of youth discovery! NMN might help us stay healthier and more energetic as we age. By boosting NAD+ in our cells, including our brain cells, it's like giving our bodies a power-up, potentially keeping our brains sharper for longer.


In our busy lives, getting older isn't just about the number of candles on the cake. Many people go full throttle – working long hours, staying up late – and it takes a toll, bringing on fatigue, brain fog, and a general feeling of running on empty. NMN's discovery has scientists thinking they might have found a key to living longer and better. The idea is simple: give our cells, including those in the brain, a boost with NMN, and we might just keep things running smoothly, staying healthier and more resilient.  



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